Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paleo Brownie Bites

OK, this started out as just a treat for Charlie but as we each tried one we found ourselves going back for seconds and thirds. These little things were just too delicious!

I found the recipe on PaleoGrub. Who doesn't love any dessert that's done in no time and requires no baking?  If you can find the will power to wait until these are chilled, you'll find that they taste even better after they're cold.

Making them even sweeter, the recipe calls for just 5 ingredients! While the creator of the recipes rolls them into fewer than a dozen balls, I'm able to get nearly 20 by making smaller balls. You could probably also press them into an 8x8 pan and then slice them and serve them as straight up brownies. Either way, you're bound to love them!

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